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Participate in a quality audit

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Participate in a quality audit


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to prepare for and participate in a quality audit as a member of a quality audit team. The types of audits may include external or internal systems audits or process or product/service audits.

The process includes reviewing designated documentation; identifying and developing checklists and audit-related documentation; preparing audit schedules; gathering, analysing and evaluating information; and reporting findings to the lead auditor.

It applies to individuals with a broad knowledge of the quality auditing environment who analyse and evaluate information from a variety of sources to provide solutions to auditing issues, including unpredictable quality auditing problems.

How you will be assessed

To be assessed as competent you must successfully complete a number of assessment activities to the standard and the performance benchmarks required for the qualification level. Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable.

Before starting the assessments your assessor should clearly explain the tasks and required performance standards.
You must have access to these resources:

  • copies of the activities, questions, projects nominated by the trainer/ assessor
  • relevant organisational policies, protocols and procedural documents
  • an appropriate workplace or simulated workplace
  • resources normally used in the workplace

Your trainer/ assessor might use all the assessment tools in this resource, supplement them or design other assessment tasks.

However, you will have to answer a number of questions designed to test your knowledge in relation to this unit of competence. Your trainer/ assessor will mark them and let you know whether your answers are or are not satisfactory. If they are not satisfactory you must be re-do them and re-submit.

You will also be required to demonstrate your ability to perform the practical, observable components of this unit of competence.

If you think you already have any of the skills required for this unit talk to your trainer/ assessor about the process for having them recognised.

If you have special needs (eg disability, cultural or lifestyle) you should talk to your trainer/ assessor.

You have the right to appeal an assessment result you believe to be unfair, incorrect or inappropriate. If you wish to appeal a decision talk to the assessor or to an appropriate RTO representative.

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